Our design process begins with getting to know what your all about. Are you looking for a fun, creative site, or a sleek modern professional one? What colors do you love, and which ones make you go Ugh! As we get more acquainted, ideas begin to swirl, kinda like a Media Tornado inside our heads just waiting to hit the web and clear away everything in its path, (ok, maybe we took that metaphor a little too far).


For most of our sites, we try to use the Waterfall approach In it we focus on each concept step in order, Design, Develop and Market. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to develop a site that you don’t like, or market it before you design it. Having said that,  there are times when  it makes sense to use a more agile method. For example, if a site is already developed, and needs a marketing boost, before it looks to make any development changes. Or if a client wants to fix some features before it worries about design. Whatever the reason, we are happy to work with you in whatever way you prefer. After all, we wouldn’t be a creative agency, if we got stuck inside of a waterfall instead of a tornado right?


So everything works, but its time for a new look. We’d love to help! From sharp new logos, to creative graphics and banners, Media Tornado would be happy to give your site a fresh new makeover. So color outside the lines and push the envelope a bit, and get noticed!

Brand Identity

Perhaps the most often overlooked but the most important principle is Brand Identity. Everything flows from here. Your message. Your look. So ask yourself, what is your goal, or better yet, what do you want people to associate with when they hear your companies name? If you are doing a personal website, how do you want people to view you? As a successful investor? Fun loving dog person? Serious and motivated salesman?   If it’s a company site, the identity will define your relationship with your customers and clients. Look at it from their perspective and think about what they would want to see from you. Regardless of what you choose, your brand identity, will mark how others perceive you and your website should be a reflection of that. Let us help you with crafting the prefect brand, and show you how to use it across the web.

Wireframe & Site Map

Throughout the design process, we focus on creating a wireframe of the site.  A low level wireframe, is basically a pictorial representation of each unique page of the site, how it would look in terms of content placements. (e.g. Header, Slider, Content Area, Sidebar, Call to Action, Footer etc). This gives a very quick rough idea of the site, like a basic template. A high level wireframe, would include much more details inside it, (for example, placement of authors name by the blog, spacing for paragraphs, text on buttons, etc.) Here is an example of the two versions. Sitemaps are also key, as they clearly show the flow of the site and allows us to calculate the steps needed. Plus they are great for SEO!


For many years, sites were traditionally created for the desktop user. Nowdays that is rapidly changing. Studies have shown that over 60% of users use their mobile devices to visit websites, and they expect to view it in a simple and easy to understand way. Today it is imperative to ensure that your website meets the needs of such a vast segment of the population. Media Tornado, ensures that all its websites are fully responsive and capable of being viewed on Ipads, Ipods, Androids and more.

Content Creation

At Media Tornado, we have some great content writers! Are you looking to create a weekly blog post, or even have the content of your site written for you? We provide 100% original and creative content for you to use in a variety of ways. As well we focus on creating useful information that will draw users back to your site, and enhance your SEO score!